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Support and counselling

Student services

Q&A and practice sessions

Consultation sessions
Teaching staff will be on hand during additional consultation sessions for the sole purpose of answering questions from first and second-semester students and providing personalised support on a variety of topics.

Practice sessions
Extra maths, chemistry and physics lessons are offered during the first semester to ensure that students can keep up with the lectures. Participants work through tasks either independently or in groups, and teaching staff are available at all times to provide support.

Arrangements can be made for students who are further along in their studies to provide support to new students in the run-up to exams.

Reference service

  • You need literature on a specific topic and have the feeling that you could improve your search strategies.
  • You have a project topic and don’t know where to begin your search.
  • You’ve discovered a database which would be ideal for your research topic but you’re not sure how to find your way.

e-learning and blended learning

E-learning methods are used as supplementary teaching tools and lecture handouts are uploaded to the learning platform Moodle.

IT / notebooks and tablets

Laptop problems? Our support team, of tech-savvy students are familiar with the IT solutions used at the ZHAW and can help with the following:

ZHAW counselling services