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Institute of Natural Resource Sciences

Prof. Dr. Rolf Krebs
«Forward-looking urban and countryside development involves weighing up different ecological, social and economic interests.»

Prof. Dr. Rolf Krebs, Institute director

The Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR) actively promotes the sustainable use of natural resources and a responsible attitude towards people and their environment by training the environmental engineers of the future, providing a wide range of further education courses and carrying out applied research and development. Topics of particular interest include the assessment and monitoring of factors affecting the landscape such as use and production, the promotion of regional added value and the conservation of the landscape as a valuable resource for humans, animals and plants.


Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Natural Resource Sciences

Our BSc course draws on topics from both the natural sciences and other disciplines such as engineering, social sciences and economics. Students can choose between five different specialisations: organic farming and horticulture, landscape/education/tourism, renewable raw materials and energies, nature management and urban ecosystems.

Master of Science (MSc) in Environment and Natural Resources

The new Master programme Environment and Natural Resources combines natural and social sciences with technological competences and therefore imparts the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary abilities to deal with complex environmental questions.

Continuing education

The Institute of Natural Resource Sciences offers a wide range of further education courses for professionals and enthusiasts:

Research and services

The IUNR’s research activities are split between the Centre for Ecological Engineering, the Centre for Ecosystems and Biodiversity and the Centre for Environmental and Agrofood Systems. A total of 22 research groups work on a wide range of topics relating to landscape development and use and land and energy management.

The Institute provides services and carries out applied research and development projects in partnership with public and private entities as well as playing an active role in national and European research programmes in order to harness synergies between the various players in the sector.

Centre for Ecological Engineering

Centre for Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Centre for Environmental and Agrofoodystems