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Applied Digital Life Sciences Specialisations

Immerse yourself in your desired field of study and prepare yourself for a professional career in the digital life sciences.


In the specialisations, the focus changes from techniques to areas of application. The compulsory modules within a specialisation are supplemented by elective modules, which offer you the opportunity to develop further, either in specific topics within the specialisation or supplementary topics. This will enables you to create an individual learning profile according to your interests.

Choose your focus

«Digital Health» Specialisation

Digitalisation in the healthcare system improves diagnoses and creates opportunities for personalised treatments. Learn to tap into people as sources of data and help to better understand and prevent diseases.

«Digital Environment» Specialisation

We are facing extremely urgent environmental challenges. Big data provides us with important answers to these complex questions. Learn to find data-based solutions to protect our environment.

«Digital Labs and Production» Specialisation

Apply your data-based knowledge in a targeted manner and learn to optimise or reinvent various processes in the laboratory and in production.


A minor consists of a specific combination of subject-related, elective modules and provides an opportunity for further specialisation in a particular field. To complete a minor, you must successfully complete modules totalling at least 6 ECTS credits, as well as either Project Work 2 or the Bachelor’s thesis in the area of the minor. If the modules associated with the minor are attended and successfully completed, this will be confirmed with a certificate. There are various possible minors that focus on the following topics: