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Section for Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

«With our medicinal chemistry expertise, structure-based design and organic synthesis, we develop new treatment options for patients.»

Prof. Dr. Rainer Riedl, Head of Centre

The research activities of the section for Organic and Medicinal Chemistry are focused on the organic synthesis and analyses of functional molecules at the interface between chemistry and biology with an emphasis on the development of clinical drug candidates for therapeutically relevant indications.

Areas of expertise

Medicinal Chemistry

Our Medicinal Chemistry activities span from hit identification, through hit to lead development and lead optimization to delivering active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for in vitro and in vivo studies. Our focus is on the development of clinical candidates with our industry partners and includes the structural analysis of the target proteins (and their complexes) and results in the delivery of novel and patentable small organic ligands for clinical trials by using a combination of classical SAR profiling and state of the art fragment-based approaches.

  • structural analysis of the target protein (X-ray analysis of co-crystal structures)
  • NMR binding studies (ligand/protein)
  • fragment-based design of novel ligands
  • effective application of industry standard docking software
  • multi-step organic synthesis of ligands
  • establishment of structure activity relationships (SAR)
  • development of data bank based IT solutions for the information management of chemical and biological data (SAR, inventory, etc.)

Selected publications

Organic Analysis + Structure Elucidation

We have the expertise and equipment for Analyses and Structure Elucidation of Organic Molecules of both routine in house samples or those of our customers, as well as ongoing research activities in the isolation, identification and optimization of biogenic drug molecules.

Research and Business Services



We offer a multitude of possible R & D collaborations. Long term CTI funded research projects are possible as well as mid-term contract research projects. Bachelor and Master Theses complement our research collaborations. 

Medicinal Chemistry

Organic Synthesis and Organic Analytics