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Sustainable Solutions

We design and optimise biotechnological, biocatalytic and chemical production processes and techniques, that are involved in the development of pharmaceutical and chemical products, with a focus on automation and digitisation. We also further develop biotechnological methods to sustainably use and recycle raw materials and energy.

Sections and Competence Centre

Competence Center for Biocatalyses (CCBIO)

The Competence Center for Biocatalysis (CCBIO) at the ZHAW promotes biocatalysis as a complementary method to classic organic synthesis and aims to help bridge the gap between academic laboratories and the production plant. 

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Section for Biocatalysis

In biocatalysis, enzymes (biocatalysts) are used either isolated or as whole-cell systems to produce new products, optimize existing synthesis routes or to supplement or replace critical steps in chemical production processes. With the help of enzymes, chemical reactions can be carried out more sustainably, selectively and efficiently without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

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Section Biosystems Technology

The section Biosystems Technology is dedicated to the biotechnological production of high-value molecules and biomacromolecules using synthetic biology, enzyme cascade reactions up to the development of "cell factories".

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Section Biobased Resources

The section Biobased Resources develops processes for the production of biochemicals from renewable resources.

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Centre for biochemical engineering and cell cultivation techniques

The centre of biochemical Engineering and cell cultivation techniques has more than 20 years experience in the development of biotechnological production processes and is one of the pioneers of single-use technology.

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Section of Industrial Chemistry & Processes

When selecting the appropriate system or developing new products and processes, we can fully support you with our many years of chemical and industrial experience and a modern infrastructure and networks.

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Section Chemical Engineering

The main task of the Chemical Engineering Group is developing and researching more efficient and sustainable continuous (bio)chemical processes.

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Section for Environmental Analytics

The group of environmental Analytics addresses the identification and quantification of organic substances and chemical elements in various environmental samples and materials in trace amounts.

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Section for Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy

The section for Environmental Biotechnology and Bioenergy involved in both research and teaching from the fields of biotechnology, microbiology, environmental sciences and process engineering.

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