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Life Cycle Assessment Research Group

Applied research in environmental impact assessment

About us

Our commitment to research and education contributes to integrate life cycle thinking as a basis for ecological decisions in science, business, politics and society.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is an impact assessment tool that comprehensively quantifies and evaluates the environmental impacts of products, services, technologies, and systems over the entire life cycle according to scientific criteria.

This impact assessment plays a key role in the optimisation of processes, products and services. It also serves to evaluate different energy concepts and strategies and to communicate environmental benefits.

Course of study

The LCA research group is responsible for the Bachelor minor Life Cycle Assessment and Label Management and is involved in the development of the Bachelor modules Life Cycle Assessment and Label Management and Renewable raw materials.

In the Master’s degree course the LCA Research Group is responsible for the module Advanced Life Cycle Assessment and Ecodesign.

Fields of research

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