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Coffee Excellence Center

Porträtfoto Chahan Yeretzian

"While coffee is one of the most challenging subjects for science to tackle, it is also one of the most relevant to our daily life."

Prof. Dr. MBA Chahan Yeretzian
Professor for Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry and Diagnostics, Head of Coffee Excellence Center and Head Analytical Technologies 

The Coffee Excellence Center is the leading Public Research Institution on coffee along the coffee value chain: from crop to cup.

The Coffee Excellence Center was founded in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian and has ever since expanded its scope and expertise to become the leading public science, technology and innovation center on coffee. 

We believe that high-quality coffee can only be obtained with a profound and holistic understanding of the coffee value chain. Therefore, we are dedicated to state of the art research on coffee along the whole value chain. 

We aim to disseminate our coffee expertise via publications and in post-graduate education programs.

Research Focus

The Coffee Excellence Center is organized along five pillars, each lead by a renowned coffee expert.

Industry Partners

We believe that the most demanding form of research is that which is put into practice. Through close, project-based collaboration with our industrial partners, we focus our skills, resources and infrastructure on the current needs of our partners and explore fundamental issues that can help us anticipate future requirements.


Continuing Education

Video: breaking coffee myth with science (3:14)

E-Learning CAS in Coffee Excellence

The postgraduate programme Certificate of Advanced Studies «CAS in Coffee Excellence» is an online learning programme in English designed at the highest level of the coffee training path.

The CAS in Coffee Excellence programme is offered in cooperation with:

Cooperation Partner: The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) supports the dissemination, communication and networking (e.g. ALUMNI events) of the CAS program.

Research Partner: The Coffee Excellence Center joins forces with leaders and innovators of the industry to continuously improve the content and quality of the CAS in Coffee Excellence. Research-Partners are Sucafina SA, Sanremo Coffee Machines, BWT AG, Probat, HACO AG. The main objectives of the Research Partnership is:

CAS the Science and Art of Coffee

This continuing education program in German on-site is the first University course at a Swiss University since 2010.