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Coffee Excellence Center

Porträtfoto Chahan Yeretzian
"Coffee is a world in itself and a reflection of our world"

Prof. Dr. MBA Chahan Yeretzian

Professor for Analytical Chemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry and Diagnostics

Head of Coffee Excellence Center and Head Analytical Technologies   

Publications (PDF 906,7 KB) and CV (PDF 387,2 KB)

The Coffee Excellence Center is the leading Public Research Institution on coffee along the coffee value chain: from crop to cup.

The Coffee Excellence Center was founded in 2008 by Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian and has ever since expanded its scope and expertise to become the leading public science, technology and innovation center on coffee. 

We believe that high-quality coffee can only be obtained with a profound and holistic understanding of the coffee value chain. Therefore, we are dedicated to state of the art research on coffee along the whole value chain. 

We aim to disseminate our coffee expertise via publications and in post-graduate education programs.

Research Focus

The Coffee Excellence Center is organized along five pillars, each lead by a renowned coffee expert.

  • Origin and Green Coffee. Life cycle of Arabica, cultivation practices and post-processing methods of green coffee, analytical chemistry of non-volatile compounds and antioxidants in coffee: Dr. Sebastian Opitz
  • Transformation of Coffee. Roasting, grinding, degassing, packaging, freshness: Dr. Samo Smrke
  • Extraction and Sensory. Extraction of coffee, analysis of coffee aroma, sensory analysis of coffee (Q Grader for Arabica), water treatment and characterization: Dr. Marco Wellinger
  • Aroma. Coffee aroma and degradation, maillard chemistry: Dr. Anja Rahn
  • Sustainable Development. Sustainability aspects in the coffee value chain, smallholder farmers livelihoods, value adding in origin countries: Sabine de Castelberg

Industry Partners

We believe that the most demanding form of research is that which is put into practice. Through close, project-based collaboration with our industrial partners, we focus our skills, resources and infrastructure on the current needs of our partners and explore fundamental issues that can help us anticipate future requirements.



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