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Data Management & Visualization Research Group


"Data is our passion! We make data usable, visible, and effective."

We seamlessly blend innovation and expertise in the dynamic realm of data. We unlock the potential of Data Engineering and Data Management, constructing efficient databases as a solid foundation for digital processes. These databases range from the precision of relational structures to the flexibility of document-based architectures and the interconnectedness of graph-based models.

  • usable data

With over 25 years of experience in web development, we craft intuitive and ergonomic interfaces into the digital world of data. Leveraging modern web technologies, we use interactive web applications to generate data or make models tangible and transform the complexity of data into clarity through streamlined dashboards.

  • visible data

The art of modern recommendation systems is a symphony where databases harmonize with generative AI tools and cutting-edge web technologies. The fusion of data, intelligence, and user experience generates knowledge, opening doors to a new era of interactive and intuitive digital landscapes.

  • effective data

"Shape the future with us, where every click, every interaction, and every recommendation tells a story of innovation and excellence."



We bring together the expertise and experience in:

  • Data Engineering / Data Management
  • Databases (relational, document-based, graph-based)
  • Webtechnologies
  • App Development (Web and Mobile)
  • Recommendation Systems

Areas of application

Together with our partners we strive to solve problems in the areas of:


Cooperation with partners

Bringing in our expertise, we are digital enablers for our partners in all fields of the life sciences and in various contexts.

Applied research:


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Engagement in teaching and continuing education

Our research group includes teaching engagements at BSc and MSc level as well as in continuing education.

Check out our continuing education course "GenKI-Grundlagen: Vom Prompt-Design zum eigenen ChatBot".