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Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation - ILGI

Prof. Michael Kleinert
«Delicious, healthy, safe and sustainable food. This is the guiding principle on which both our education and training programmes, and our research and development are based. We see our practical orientation and transdisciplinarity as fundamental to our strength in innovation.»

Prof. Michael Kleinert, Director of Institute

About us

The Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI) develops integrated solutions for the entire food industry, which includes primary food producers, the distribution and retail sectors, the catering trade and consumers. All the Institute's activities are designed to achieve its mission: “Delicious, healthy, safe and sustainable food from the raw material to the consumer”. In order to address the complexities of sustainable development in the food sector, our goal is to understand the entire value chain for food and beverages, in particular, the four critical dimensions of the environment, society, economy and health. Our experienced technologists and engineers provide system-oriented, technological and analytical skills, which are utilised to the benefit of both our clients and students.

Our practical orientation and transdisciplinarity are important prerequisites contributing to the innovative strength of the Institute. This ensures that the Institute is considered a valued contributor to interdisciplinary collaborative projects with other Institutes and Departments in the ZHAW, many other educational and research institutions and a network of business partners in Switzerland and beyond.

The Institute is supported in achieving its objectives by an advisory board which includes experts from industry, research, education, and politics.


The Institute completely fulfils the charter for universities of applied sciences (education, training, applied research and development, services) in the subject area of food.

Education at Bachelor and Master Degree level

Continuing education (link to the German page)

We offer a wide range of practice-oriented training courses and continuing education programmes (MAS, DAS, CAS) to cater to the needs of both established experts and other interested parties.

Our conferences cover the most recent technological advances and provide an opportunity for professional networking.

Research and Development

The aim of our research and development activities is to continue to develop new and innovative solutions for the food and beverage industry. In so doing further specialised knowledge is acquired which is then incorporated in our educational programmes.

Services offered

Organisation of the Institute

Centre for Food and Nutrition Research

«Thanks to close cooperation between the various interdisciplinary teams, project goals are achieved competently and efficiently.»

Prof. Dr. Corinne Gantenbein-Demarchi, Head of Centre for Food and Nutrition Research

We consider the whole value chain from raw material selection through to production and consumption by consumers.
Specialist expertise in food technology, packaging and process technology, quality management, and sensory, microbiological, and chemical/physical analysis is applied to good advantage in developing solutions for the industry and generates new knowledge.

Centre for Ingredient and Beverage Research

«How do we develop food and food processes for the future?»

Prof. Dr. Tilo Hühn, Head of Centre for Ingredient and Beverage Research

The focus of our attention is on the value-determining ingredients used in food and beverages. The source, effect, significance and composition of these substances form the basis of our activities – allowing us to extract and retain more of the beneficial properties of these important materials!

The combination of sensory, flavour and ingredients analysis facilitates the development of technological processes for the production and preservation of foods and beverages.

Institute Secretariats

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