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Projects in this section will focus on the sustainable implementation of biocatalysis in industry and collaboration between academia and industry beyond 2020.

Call closed 07.01.2020


Call «Sustainability»

The call will support two projects for up to 10 months which are dedicated to ensure the sustainability of the network program “Innovation in Biocatalysis”  and to establish a roadmap for the contribution of biocatalysis to a Swiss bioeconomy.

Support Criteria and Funding

 The host institutes of the successful applicants contribute equal funds (50:50 co-financing) to the projects.

Submitting a proposal

Proposals must be written in English and contain the following information and documents:


Applications will be evaluated by a dedicated Working Group «Sustainability» composed of experts in the field. On the basis of the recommendation of the Working Groups, the Scientific Board will decide on the funding of the projects according to the available budget.