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Aroma Analysis – because olfaction is the most powerful sense

A main research area of the Food Chemistry research group

Aroma, as the most important driver for sensory perception, is a decisive quality criterion for food. It is responsible for its acceptance and popularity with consumers. For this reason, we use molecular-sensory analysis methods to investigate the formation of both desirable and undesirable aroma-active compounds and their precursors. This also includes foods that are produced with novel food processing methods as well as from new raw materials along the entire value chain.

In addition, we investigate how the influence of origin, variety, and agronomic conditions can affect the sensory profile of foods and food raw materials at the molecular level, with the further aim of promoting the biodiversity of food raw materials

Methods of analysis

Selected Work

With our analytical approach, we decode flavour profiles of different foods at the molecular level. By combining instrumental and sensory analytical techniques, we can characterise the specific compounds that are crucial for the flavour of a food product.

Examples of student works: