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Advisory Commitee School of Life Sciences and Facility Management

Practical relevance and quality

Each Institute has an advisory board at its disposal. This increases the practicality and quality of the education provided by the School, and encourages innovation and change in research and development.

The advisory boards consist of experts in key positions or with outstanding knowledge and experience in the relevant professional field. They come from backgrounds in industry or research in the life sciences and facility management as well as from education, academia, politics and alumni.

Each advisor’s term of service is four years; re-election is possible.

Institute of Chemistry an Biotechnology

  • Prof. Dieter Beckmann, Institut für Bioprozess- und Analysenmesstechnik e.V. (iba)
  • Dr. Gunter Festel, Founder of FESTEL CAPITAL
  • Dr. Christian Hinderling, Director of Institute of Chemistry and Biological Chemistry , ZHAW, Waedenswil
  • Dr. Erich Hochuli, in former times F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
  • Dr. Eva-Maria Kupsch, Dow Europe GmbH
  • Dr. Jan Lucht, Scienceindustries Switzerland
  • Dr. Ferruccio Messi, Cell Culture Technologies Ltd. Liab. Co.
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Meyer, HES-SO Valais-Wallis
  • Dr. Thomas Münch, Givaudan Schweiz AG
  • Dr. Martin Riediker
  • Dr. Philippe Steiert, CSEM, Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology
  • Markus Tanner, Werthenstein Biopharma GmbH
  • Dr. Pius Waldmeier, Head of Synthesis & Process Research Group, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
  • Dr. Roland Wohlgemuth, Sigma-Aldrich

Institute of Facility Management

  • Ricarda Berg, Executive Manager Sauter FM GmbH, Dübendorf
  • Michael Bürki, Portfolio management Land reserves City of Zurich
  • Astrid Furrer, Canton Councillor/City Councillor FDP, Co-president of the Social Convention canton Zurich
  • Renate Gröger, Executive Director Facility Management, University Hospital Zurich(USZ)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tore Haugen, Centre for Real Estate and Facility Management, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Antje Junghans, Director Institute of Facility Management, ZHAW, Waedenswil
  • Wolfgang Stiebellehner, Head of cultivation, Member of the Executive Board Livit AG, Real Estate Management, Zurich
  • Daniel Zbinden, Director Energiecontracting, Electric Utility Company EKZ Zurich, Zurich
  • Dr. Jürg Werner, CEO Metall Zug AG, Zug

Institute of Food an Beverage Innovation

  • Dr. Michael Beer, Director of the Department of Food Safety, BAG, Zurich
  • Dr. Thomas Büeler, Head Innovation & Process Intelligence, Emmi Management AG, Luzern
  • Prof. Michael Kleinert, Director of Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation, ZHAW, Waedenswil
  • Nadja Nabholz, Managing Director, Halter Bonbons AG, Dietikon
  • Cédric Ochsner, Member of the Executive Board, Midor AG, Meilen
  • Andreas Schwab, Head of production, Rapelli SA, Stabio
  • Susan Tschäppät, Head of Quality Management, Technical Management, Nestlé Suisse SA, Vevey
  • Prof. Dr. Erich Windhab, ETH Zurich, Institute of Food Science and Nutrition, Food Process Engineering, Zürich

Institute of Natural Resource Sciences

  • Jean-Bernard Bächtiger, formerly Director of the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences
  • Ursin Ginsig, Managing Director Eberhard Recycling AG 
  • Christian Guggisberg, Managing Director Gastro Star AG
  • Karin Hindenlang, Managing Director Wildnispark Zürich
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Krebs, Director of the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences
  • Dr. Tove Larsen‚ Member of the Board EAWAG
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. Raimund Rodewald, Managing Director, Foundation Landscape Protection Switzerland
  • Dr. Matthias Stolze, Member of the Managing Board FiBL Research Institute of Organic Agriculture