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Projects at the Geography of Food Research Group

Ongoing projects

MOVING - Mountain Valorization through Interconnectedness and Green Growth

Europe's mountain regions are facing major changes. Climate change, for example, poses major problems for regional production systems. As part of the EU project MOVING with 16 partner institutions from 23 countries, we are investigating in the Grisons mountains which value chains are particularly resilient and how we can learn from regional innovations in a sustainable way. Project page

CONSUS - Site suitability modelling for crops

Globalisation, climate change, resource scarcity and new eating habits require new concepts in agriculture. For this purpose, we have developed CONSUS as a GIS-based tool for crop suitability analysis, which uses soil and climate data for analysis. CONSUS can also be used to determine the effects of climate change on the suitability of agricultural crops for a particular location. For example, it shows that coffee growing regions will have to shift in the future. Project page

Cocoa in Numbers - From data to knowledge

The demand for transparent information from cultivation to ready-to-consume chocolate is growing. We investigate the socio-economic conditions along the value chain using the example of cocoa from the Alto Beni region in Bolivia. Our data flows into a comprehensive database. It combines data on the value chain of cacao from Alto Beni from different scientific perspectives: socio-economic, ecological and agronomic data, as well as data on food microbiology/biotechnology/sensor technology and food quality. More information - An educational game about the Swiss food system

Eating is an everyday occurrence and yet we are not always aware of the consequences of our consumption decisions. To help young people understand the connections between agriculture, nutrition and the environment, we developed and extensively evaluated the educational game Foodscape in cooperation with the ZHDK. More

Selection of completed projects

Transfood - Improving sustainability impacts of transnational food value chains


What impact does the import of food have on the environment and society in the producing countries? As part of the Transfood project, an interdisciplinary research cooperation was established with the Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados, which aims to analyse the sustainability impacts of transnational value chains. More information

NOVANIMAL - Innovations in food and nutrition

We eat more and more meat and dairy products. Nutrition-related environmental impacts and health risks are increasing. NOVANIMAL identified innovations along the value chains to reduce the undesirable consequences of the production and consumption of animal foods. It became apparent that there is still great potential, particularly in the catering sector, to make consumption more resource-efficient. More information

The Eco-Confessional - A Scientainment project

Took the car to practice and ate a bar of chocolate out of frustration? Small eco-sins can happen quickly. In an interdisciplinary project with designers and scientists, the eco-confessional was developed as an interactive exhibition object. Based on life cycle assessment data, the visitor learns in a playful way about the environmental impact of everyday decisions. An evaluation confirmed the motivating effect of the playful approach to raising awareness. More information

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