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Research at the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences

We conduct research at the interfaces between society, the environment and technology.

The algae reactor – one of the main topics of research for the Research Group for Ecotechnology | Source: ZHAW, Photo: Frank Bruederli
Inside view of the large greenhouses on the IUNR’s Campus Grüental | Source: ZHAW, Photo: Frank Bruederli
The Phytomedicine Research Group’s laboratory | Source: ZHAW, Photo: Frank Bruederli
Hydrological measurements by the Research Group for Ecohydrology | Source: IUNR

At the interface of society, environment and technology

The institute focuses on the interfaces between society, the environment and technology:

  • Society as a hub for environmental and sustainability issues.
  • The environment as a living space, a sphere of influence and a mirror of society.
  • Technology as a human instrument and an important factor that influences the environment.

As pioneers in the development of sustainable solutions, our work is interdisciplinary, science-based and practice-oriented. The most important foundations for this are the diversity of disciplines and topics at our institute as well as the close cooperation with partners from research, business and administration. We perform application-oriented research and development and offer services in three centres, which comprise a total of 22 research groups.

Area of focus

  • Centre for Ecological Engineering: The use of renewable energy sources, impact assessments, energy and resource efficiency, nutrient-and-water-extensive production and treatment processes, and the detection of environmental impacts in soil and water.
  • Centre for Ecosystems & Biodiversity: The promotion of biodiversity, its influencing factors and interactions; the understanding of complex aquatic-terrestrial networks, sustainable development and the revitalisation of water bodies.
  • Centre for Environmental and Agrofood Systems: The improvement of plant health and soil fertility; raising society's awareness of environmental issues; research which promotes sustainable regional development as well as nature and cultural tourism.