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Future Jobs in Digital Life Sciences

Digital transformation is a major driver in the global economy. Professions with digital skills are becoming increasingly important. We have analysed the extent to which digitalization is changing the life sciences. To this purpose, we identified current trends and consulted partners from science and business.

Vision of the Future

In cooperation with the Think Thank W.I.R.E. we have visualized the skills of tomorrow in five thematic areas:


Advances in genetic engineering, robotics, artificial intelligence and data analytics are empowering life scientists with a growing set of tools for modelling and modifying the building blocks of life. These developments can be summarised as seven drivers of change:


The expertise that is in demand right now and for the future can be summarized with the following key words:

Our Master’s programme in Applied Computational Life Sciences lays the foundation for a career in those rapidly developing fields. As a graduate of our programme, you will be able to enhance your Bachelor's degree with relevant digital skills and to shape the digital future!

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