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Urban Ecosystems Research Unit

The Urban Ecosystems Research Unit analyses and develops green open spaces in cities and agglomerations from a holistic perspective. Urban greenery has the potential to increase quality of life, well-being and biodiversity in urban areas while positively influencing the urban climate. The aim is to use this potential and to design and manage green spaces in such a way that leads to long term improvement in their ecological, aesthetic, health-promoting and socio-spatial qualities.

Research Groups

Green Care
Examining the effects of nature and plants on health, well-being and quality of life; health-promoting, socially integrated open spaces, social processes in open spaces and garden therapies.
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Green Space Development
Sustainably managing urban green and open spaces; resource-saving, natural planning, economically efficient management, enhancement of the user experience.
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Planting Design
Greening urban spaces with aesthetically-pleasing, sustainable planting; developing affordable, high-quality planting concepts within cities.
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Urban Ecology
Promoting biodiversity in urban areas through ecological and creative planning; improving the urban climate through greenery and by increasing biodiversity.