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Organic Agriculture Research Unit

The Organic Agriculture Research Unit develops strategies for soil sustainability and methods for improving plant health. The goal is to produce healthy food by means of innovative cultivation systems and environmentally-friendly solutions to crop protection problems. Using molecular biological techniques, threats can be identified, understood and dealt with at an early stage.

Research Groups

Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology
Research into life processes at the molecular level: characterisation and diagnostics of organisms and investigation of biodiversity through genetic analyses.

Research into issues concerning the organic production of vegetables, fruits, vines and ornamental plants, with a focus on innovative and resilient systems, e.g., Agroforestry.

Environmentally-friendly solutions to pest management problems in agriculture, horticulture, ornamental plants and urban greenery. (Website in German only)

Regenerative Agricultural Systems
Developing practical solutions and feasable application possibilities with regard to a diverse regenerative agriculture. (Website in German only)

Soil Ecology
Applied research and practical solutions focussed on sustainable use and protection of soil resources, with the aim of maintaining soil fertility in the long term.