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Master of Science in Environment and Natural Resources

The world needs bold, innovative solutions at the interface between society, the environment and technology. This is something which requires environmental experts and sustainability specialists. With our master’s programme, you'll become a part of this!

Why pursue a master’s degree in Environment and Natural Resources?

How can we make the transition to a sustainable society? Which ideas, strategies, methods and solutions enable this transformation? These questions form the starting point of this unique master’s programme, which combines technological, natural and social science disciplines to address central challenges of our time.

You specialise in one of the following topics: Agroecology and Food Systems, Biodiversity and Ecosystems or Ecological Engineering and Renewable Energy, and thanks to a wide range of modules and diverse collaborations, you can set your own personal area of focus. Furthermore, by integrating into a research group, you will benefit from individual advice and support on this path. We work with you on real research and business projects.

"I don't just want to watch our world change, I want to actively work for a future worth living in. In the master's program, I learn everything I need to do this and, as a career changer, I can combine what I have learned with my knowledge from other training programs."

Sarah Brühlmann, Student

"I particularly appreciate the exchange at eye level with students and lecturers on interpersonal and interdisciplinary topics in the field of research and development. Coupled with the opportunity to spend time abroad and the collaboration with international universities and partners, the ZHAW offers an optimal basis for exciting research work."

Marco Lupi, Student

Join us! Good reasons for pursuing a master's in Environment and Natural Resources in Wädenswil

 «The master's degree program requires initiative. Just attending and listening is not enough, your input is needed! We mainly rely on in-person teaching to discuss with you, reflect with you, and accompany your learning. With us, you will study in a practical, research-focused, and project-based manner.»

Martina Weiss, Programme Director

Your specialisation

You decide on your personal major (Master Research Unit MRU): Agroecology and Food SystemsBiodiversity and Ecosystems, or Ecological Engineering and Renewable Energy.

As part of this MRU, you select a research group for your individual specialisation. The collaboration with your research group makes up half of the course and gives you in-depth insights into research and development work. During your studies, you will build up a professional network with our partners from industry and research.

To strengthen your methodological skills, you choose either the scientific or the social science profile in order to be able to analyse scientific questions from this perspective. 

Do you not have a bachelor's degree in the environmental field, but would like to combine your know-how with sustainability topics? Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. We will put together a programme that enables you to begin studying for a master’s degree with us.

"After my bachelor's degree, I felt like broadening my horizons and expanding my knowledge in terms of the environment and sustainability. The master's offered me exactly this opportunity and so I was able to expand my knowledge from biology with technical knowledge. The diverse modules allowed me to gain all kinds of insights into various fields of my interest."

Alena Frehner, Graduate

"As a passionate mountaineer, the adventures in the mountains show me not only the beauty of nature, but also the urgent need to protect it." The master’s degree enabled me to get involved in ecological issues while at the same time contributing my experience in business administration. In my master's thesis, I was able to optimally combine my passion and the topic of environmental protection, and created a life cycle assessment of climbing ropes with a sports company."

Sebastian Bradford, Graduate

Choose your specialisation:

Agroecology and Food Systems: We examine the complex relationships in the food system and develop innovative solutions for sustainable development based on agroecological principles.

"I am fascinated by the complexity of the nutritional system, which affects us all on a daily basis. This focus area brings all disciplines together." Ennio Mariani, Graduate

Biodiversity and Ecosystems: We examine and research the diverse interactions and networks in terrestrial and aquatic systems in rural and urban areas.

"Questions about biodiversity always involve data analysis. This focus area gives me the necessary skills." Adrian Hochreutner, Graduate

Ecological Engineering and Renewable Energy: We research and develop sustainable energy and mobility systems as well as eco-technologies as key elements of a sustainable society.

"My individual studies enabled me to specialise in the area of simulating building energy." Manuel Hunziker, Graduate

Module overview

"For my Master’s thesis, I got to work on something that is very close to my heart: I travelled to Bolivia on a freighter and studied the impact that the ageing population of cocoa farmers has on the long-term development of their businesses. My findings were used in a project of the research group."

Aline Roth, Graduate

Interdisciplinary and practical

We are proud of our diverse partnerships with universities, colleges, research institutions and partners industry, both within Switzerland and abroad.

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