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Food Technology Research Group

New approaches to food processing are required to address the current challenges in feeding the global population.

The Food Technology Research Group focuses on the development, implementation and transfer of sustainable manufacturing processes.

With the development of novel sustainable manufacturing processes, the Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation’s goal is to contribute to the sustainable nourishment of the growing world population by developing safe, high quality foods. Food production accounts for a significant proportion of global energy use and carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, one third of all food produced is lost or wasted along the value chain. Furthermore, because consumption patterns have changed drastically in recent years, under- and overnutrition are also key health concerns of our time.

At the Food Technology research group, we can provide an insight into the effect of food processing on the composition, structure and properties of food products, working in close collaboration with industry and research partners. Our strategic vision is that these processing technologies will make a significant, sustainable contribution to the provision of safe, high-quality food to the expanding world population.

Research Fields

Process optimisation for improved food quality

The consumption of processed food is constantly increasing. At the same time, demand for nutritional characteristics, sensory quality, food safety and sustainability are also growing. To meet this demand, we are improving existing process solutions and developing new, innovative manufacturing technologies. Examples of such developments are food with superior taste that is low in fat or high in dietary fibre, categories of minimally processed food and the optimisation of out-of-home catering.

Identification of new protein sources and their processing

We evaluate and develop innovative and resource-saving processing steps along the value chain from the arable crop to the plate in various projects, such as the development of attractive consumer products that are high in fibre, processing of pulses, insects and algae, and the recycling of protein-rich side fractions.

Improved use of resources in food processing value chains

One third of all food produced is either lost from the supply chain or is thrown away as waste. We have developed a thorough understanding of where losses and waste occur and strategies for their reduction.  We combine this understanding with the development of new approaches to recycling these products. We are interested in the influence that cultivating and processing food in large cities has on the quantity and quality of waste material and new processing strategies associated with localised cultivation.


With our diverse range of processing and analysis equipment in our pilot plant, we can mimic a large number of food production processes at the laboratory scale and are able to analyse the resulting food products. In addition, we can test these new solutions in our fully equipped pilot scale bakery and industrial kitchen.


Project Collaboration