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Continuing education in Life Sciences and Facility Management

Whether you have a university degree and some years of professional experience or proven practical experience: Our practice-orientated training prepares you for the demands of the job market.

Notes on attendance lessons

Until further notice, the ZHAW will rely on online instruction for continuing education, with the exception of laboratory instruction and skills training, which can be conducted on-site. The ZHAW's current protection concept is applied and all participants, including lecturers and teachers, must wear a mask.

This decision and the associated measures will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and adapted if necessary.

Practical relevance and quality

All degree programmes and courses are taught by qualified and dedicated lecturers. They guarantee practical relevance and ensure scientific rigour. Participants develop innovative problem-solving skills and deepen their analytical and communicative competencies. This provides new opportunities for networking.

Structure and admission

Our continuing education courses are offered on a modular basis, and assessed using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS); one credit point is the equivalent of 25-30 hours of study.

Students may only enrol on MAS (Master of Advanced Studies), DAS (Diploma of Advanced Studies) or CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) courses if they have graduated from a state-recognised university.

Applicants who have gained comparable skills during the course of their professional careers may be admitted «sur dossier» following prior agreement.

Conditions of admission and participation (AZTB) and study regulations

General AZTB courses and seminars

General AZTB events and conferences

General academic regulations
General academic regulations MAS/EMBA in English
General academic regulations DAS/CAS in German