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Training and further education

Our research group offers various continuing education courses, which are thematically affiliated with aquaculture, aquaponics or various other topics.


FBA Aquaculture

In the subject-specific, profession-independent training (FBA) aquaculture, the necessary basic knowledge for an economically managed aquaculture business is taught. The curriculum includes specialized knowledge on plant design, plant operation and the species- and animal-friendly husbandry of fish and crayfish.

The training program includes six days of theory followed by an examination and a three-month internship on an aquaculture farm including an internship report. By completing this training, the necessary legal qualification is obtained to operate an aquaculture business in Switzerland. The subsequently issued certificate "Specialized profession-independent training for commercial breeders of fish and armored crayfish" is recognized by the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office BLV according to Art. 193 Para. 1 lit. b TSchV - Permit No.: 10_0003.

Crayfish - Handling in the catering industry

New studies have shown: even crayfish feel pain. This course provides important know-how for the catering industry. Participants will learn professional stunning and killing, animal-friendly husbandry and transport, as well as the associated documentation in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act. For a species-appropriate handling and, thus, for the sake of crayfish.

Workshop From Fish to Food

Have you always wanted to process, refine and market your fish yourself? Or you are already doing this and want to expand your skills? We will show you what to look out for. In doing so, you will be working hands-on yourself. Examples and practical exercises bring you closer to the value chain.


MOOC Aquaponics – the circular food production system

Are you interested in aquaculture, hydroponics or sustainable farming systems? Learn the most important things about aquaponics, hydroponics and aquaculture. Our MOOC "Aquaponics - the circular food production system" is creating excitement worldwide!

Course duration: 6 weeks of 4-6h/week. You can attend the course at your own learning pace.

Enrol in the course and discover the world of sustainable fish, plant and vegetable production!

Workshop Aquaponic

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. A recirculating system that allows to cultivate fish and plants at the same time. This workshop provides insight into the basics. Learn how nutrient and water recycling and soil-independent food production works. For urban farming, for school, for home.


CAS Freshwater Fishes of Europe - Ecology & Management

Global warming, hydropower, isolated habitats: native fish are under threat. In this CAS you will get the tools to help freshwater fish with the right measures: You will get the necessary biological and ecological basics, build up your species knowledge and get practical know-how on water body and fisheries management - for effective protection.

Aquakultur in study