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App Grüental Flora und Fauna

The gardens at the ZHAW campus Grüental in Wädenswil with their more than 3000 plant species and varieties not only invite you to linger and take a walk, but also to get to know plants better. With the app Grüental Flora & Fauna you can find most of the present plants and get information about them. The app offers various trails on plant topics such as medicinal plants or woody plants with special autumn colors. Interested persons will find field botany trails for the preparation of botanical examinations and students can deal with the species of their studies by means of module-specific learning trails. Personal learning lists will support you.
A further part on the fauna on the campus Grüental is in preparation.

Download App Grüental Flora & Fauna

The App "Grüental Flora & Fauna" is available free of charge for Apple and Android devices.


The manual(PDF 2,9 MB) will help you find your way around the app. Note that your device must be connected to the internet to use the app. Free Wi-Fi is available in and near buildings on the Grüental campus.
The manual is only available in German.