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  • Agrobiodiversity Summer School: Diversity for the Agriculture of the Future

    The Agrobiodiversity Summer School in Hungary was a success! The OC is already looking forward to the next event in Slovenia. The students - international, interdisciplinary and highly motivated - made an important contribution to the success with…

  • Tackling Climate Change through Global Learning: International visitors from Brazil, Kenya and India

    Our international partner organisations from Brazil, Kenya and India visited IUNR for an eventful week in the fight against climate change.

  • Brainstorming & Marshmallows - die Retraite der Forschungsgruppe Geography of Food

    Nachdem unsere Forschungsgruppe im März zwei neue Mitarbeiterinnen - Carmen Forrer & Gianna Lazzarini - erhalten hat, haben wir uns für eine eintägige Retraite auf dem Schluchtalhof in Wädenswil getroffen. Mit Blick auf die Obstbäume konnten wir…

  • Climate-friendly, local and seasonal food for Wädenswil

    The Regional Development Project (PRE) Wädenswil clarifies how resource-conserving and sustainable agriculture can be promoted in Wädenswil and how cooperation between agriculture, processing, consumption and research can be strengthened. The project…

  • The diversity of agroecology - brought to life on the Grüental campus

    The "Days of Agroecology" opened this year at the Grüental Campus. The series of events is organized by the members of the association "Agroecology Works!", to which IUNR also belongs. The aim of the opening event was to make the diversity of…

  • Climate change impacting coffee, cashew and avocado growing areas

    A first-time analysis conducted by the Geography of Food Research Group reveals the impact of climate change for present-day coffee, cashew and avocado production locations, with many of these areas set to become less suitable environments for the…

  • Successful launch of cooperation with Brazilian university

    In late June 2018, members of the Research Group for Life Cycle Assessment and the Geography of Food Research Group visited the Universidade Federal de Grande Dourados in Brazil - a first series of collaborative projects has now been launched.

  • Transfood - a new research partnership with Brazil

    What effects do Swiss agricultural imports from Brazil have on the environment and on society in the country of origin? A team of researchers from Brazil and the ZHAW are finding out in the new Transfood project.

  • Geography of Food - Summer School 2017-2019

    Designing Food Value Chains in Switzerland, India and Slovenia. Deadline for application phase 1 ends on 30th November.


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