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Extraction and analysis of non-volatile metabolites

A main research area of the Food Chemistry research group

The research group Food Chemistry possess an expertise in the extraction and analysis of natural products, with focus on food, drinks, and cosmetics applications.  

Our field of expertise is wide:  

Analytical methods

  • 2D-UHPLC-QTOF → non-targeted analysis of plants, foods and beverages to gain more insights on the chemical composition of complex extracts. The technology allows complex analyses and visualization of the dataset using state-of-the-art techniques like molecular networks.
  • UHPLC-TQ → targeted analysis of specific compounds of interest in plants, foods and beverages
  • HPLC-UV-FLD → analysis and quantitation of compounds of interest (polyphenols, free amino acids, vitamins...)
  • Flash chromatography/Preparative chromatography → fractionation of extracts and isolation of valuable compounds in order to understand their chemical structure, their biological activity and their impact on taste
  • HPTLC → fast screening of selected secondary metabolites
  • Oracle rapid NMR-based device → for fat, moisture, solids analysis
  • Kjeldahl → for protein analysis
  • Diverse photometric and enzymatic methods → for determination of total phenolic content, antioxidant activity, sugar, fibers or starch contents

Selected student works and projects

Our goal is to characterize plant constituents at the molecular level to improve and/or develop new food applications.

For example: