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Business services at the Institute of Facility Management


The Institute of Facility Management (IFM) is a leading player in the field of facility management, and the only university-level FM institution in Switzerland with a broad public mandate for the provision of:


Prof. Dr. Lukas Windlinger Inversini

Head of the Business Administration and HR Competency Group

Telephone: +41 58 934 56 88

Hospitality & Service Management Expert Group

We combine practical experience and expertise with theoretical approaches and systematic methods for



Dr. Thorsten Merkle

Head of the Hospitality Management Competency Group

Telephone: +41 58 934 57 45


Prof. Dr. Carsten K. Druhmann

Head of the Real Estate Management Competency Group

Telefon: +41 (0) 58 934 56 26


The aim of our consultancy services is to find the best possible solutions to current real-life problems using the innovative approaches generated by our research and development activities. Our services include:

Student theses

Real-life problems are tackled within the framework of a bachelor's, master's or project-based thesis, with the support of lecturers and research associates. Students are often able to find creative solutions thanks to their unbiased perspective. Time frame < 1 year.