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Environmental Planning Research Group

We research at the interface of man and nature

The Environmental Planning Research Group aims to make the use of nature more sustainable through practice-oriented planning in order to better protect the biodiversity of sensitive habitats and to continue to provide people with inspiring experiences of nature.

Therefore, we work and research at the interface of people and nature. These planning tasks bring together the different interests from nature and landscape conservation, construction, agriculture as well as tourism and leisure.

Uses and changes shape our landscape.

The Environmental Planning Research Group develops sustainable solutions for this.

Main areas of research

Visitor Management & Recreational Activities

Research on nature-friendly use and impact of outdoor activities on people, animals and plants

Project example: Mountain biking within corridors at the Höhronen in Canton Schwyz

Nature & Landscape

Entomological-botanical research on renaturation and success monitoring

Habitat analyses and monitoring projects with indicator insect groups

Project example: Entomological assessment of forest edges



Our team

Are you interested in research or teaching on the topic of environmental planning? We look forward to hearing from you by e-mail or telephone.