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Real Estate Management Competency Group

Porträtfoto Prof. Dr. Carsten K. Druhmann

Contact: Prof. Dr. Carsten K. Druhmann, Head of the IM Competency Group

Our topics

IFM's Real Estate Management Competency Group researches topics and develops solutions for the entire life cycle of buildings - from strategic location and utilisation planning to the sustainable operation of buildings and sites. The overall economic significance of real estate is immense, with respect to both economic as well as ecological resource allocation. We therefore focus intensively on sustainable real estate management (Sustainability in Real Estate and Facility Management) and the digital transformation of real estate management processes (Real Estate and Facility Management digital).



Real Estate and Facility Management digital

The Real Estate and Facility Management digital research field comprises the development, adaptation and implementation of digital technologies and methods in real estate management. This includes, for example, virtual design, construction and operation with the corresponding technologies. Data-driven FM and building information modelling (BIM) support the planning and management processes. Visualisations and communication via mixed reality make the construction and operating processes more agile. Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) optimises the management processes by enabling mobile access to the relevant data, independent of time and place. The use of these forward-looking technologies, supplemented by the possibilities opened up by the Internet of Things (IoT), will fundamentally change management processes. We are right in the middle of this and play an active role in shaping it.

Sustainability in Real Estate and Facility Management

Aspects of the political agenda in Switzerland, such as global warming and thereby CO2 reduction and other sustainability goals, are shaping today's view of the life cycle of buildings. This has led to a demand for comprehensive solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve holistic sustainability, in addition to the reduction of operating costs, especially for existing buildings. FM-compliant construction planning and implementation, sustainability assessment systems, life cycle analyses, energy management, operational optimisation and benchmarking are all research topics in the context of sustainable life cycle management (LCM). This involves all stakeholders concerned and covers all processes in the life cycle of a building from conception to recycling, as well as the entire range of sustainability values.

Research and development

Our research and development activities focus primarily on corporate & public real estate management (CREM & PREM), that is, real estate owned by private or public sector organisations (municipalities, cantons, etc.). The aim is to create an optimal resource-efficiency ratio for all stakeholders (owners, tenants and users, as well as managers and operators) of the relevant properties and portfolios.

Consulting and services

We cultivate an intensive exchange with other players in the Swiss real estate industry. Thanks to them, we encounter practice-relevant questions that can become the subject of a research project. Moreover, they give us consulting mandates and service contracts, which enables us to use our know-how to create value. Our clients also benefit from the broad knowledge of other staff of the Institute and the entire ZHAW.

Study and further education

As Real Estate Management Competency Group we are responsible for the bachelor specialisations real estate and building systems.


We would be delighted to include the results of a future research or service project with you among our references! The Real Estate Management Competency Group combines a wide range of expertise from the real estate industry and the FM sector.