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Real Estate Management Competency Group

Contact: Prof. Dr. Carsten K. Druhmann, Head of the IM Competency Group

Research and development

The Real Estate Management Competency Group focuses exclusively on the structural design of buildings, with the aim of achieving an optimum cost-benefit ratio for all of their stakeholders (owners/managers/users), rather than on property as an investment opportunity.

Its research targets include both individual buildings and entire real estate portfolios or districts, with an emphasis on the use and management of commercial real estate in the public and private sector. Its particular interests include issues such as sustainability, life cycle management, energy management and simulation-based building and usage planning. It also identifies and analyses the relevant cost indicators.

Consultancy and services

The Group collaborates closely with other players in the Swiss real estate sector, which firstly supplies it with inspiration for research projects dealing with industry-relevant issues, and secondly provides it with clients for its contract-based services and consultancy, allowing it to put its skills to good use and deliver added value. Its clients also benefit from the breadth of expertise of the other staff working at the Institute.


The Group not only teaches students the basics about facility management, but also passes on the expertise it gains in the course of research or service provision projects, with a view to ensuring that both BSc and MSc students receive industry-relevant training.


  • Co-founder of the PhD network "dokwerk"
  • Co-founder of the expert network "fmpro energy"
  • Publication of the reference book "Energy Management" on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy
  • Sustainable building certifications on the basis of the DGNB system introduced by the SGNI (Swiss Association for Sustainable Real Estate Management)
  • Research project "Optimisation of geothermal probes", funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and Axpo Naturstromfonds
  • Long-term consultancy contract "Energy Management at University Hospital Zurich"
  • Research project "Tabea", funded by the Age Foundation
  • EU research project "Mummy"
  • Long-term consultancy contract "Sustainable Real Estate Management for LIBAG"
  • Analysis, concept development and processes, IT support and technical building management for the Canton of Basel-Stadt (in cooperation with Weisskopf Partner GmbH