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FM in Healthcare

Facility Management in Healthcare: highly complex and highly stimulating.

Our research focal point “FM in Healthcare” focuses on stakeholder-centric management of non-medical support services in healthcare organisations.

Depending on the setting, we take part as a partner in a research project, as advisors in a service contract or we include students within student projects. Our procedures are holistic, interlinked and systematic with the goal to develop practice-oriented and applicable solutions.


Increasing the well-being of residents in residential care homes & care homes with nursing by making catering services more flexible with the help of technology(PDF 812,6 KB): Schlussbericht der Vorstudie als Basis für weitere Forschungstätigkeiten [German]


DC4HC – Digital Competence for Healthcare: The goal of the Innosuisse project Digital Competence for Healthcare (DC4HC) is to develop a digital platform which supports Swiss healthcare organisations in their digital transformation.


Involvement in new ISO Healthcare Organisation Management Standard: We are involved in the development of a new ISO standard as an active member of ISO Technical Committee 304 “Healthcare Organisation Management”


Future Restauration 2030: This project seeks to determine how catering trends and changes can be implemented in an economical, ecological and social, goal-oriented and sustainable way and thus to anticipate possible alternatives and scenarios for years to come.


DIGINUT – Digitalisation in Catering: Within the scope of an Innovation Check, the benefit of the integration of the PLATIN technology in hospitals was demonstrated in the context of digitalisation by means of the triple-bottom-line-approach (holistic view: economical, ecological, social).

Focal points

Digital Transformation for FM in HC

The digital transformation of non-medical services in healthcare organisations will play a crucial role in the years to come. The Hospitality & Service Management Expert Group researches this topic with a holistic and interdisciplinary approach all the way to specific impacts and measures for Facility Management. In a first step, the strategic need for action for digitalisation in healthcare organisations was examined. The resulting Innosuisse project Digital Competence for Healthcare (DC4HC), had the goal to develop a digital maturity model for the assessment of non-medical support processes.

Food Services in Healthcare Organisations

The provision of food and beverages plays a major role in healthcare organisations. Our team addresses the topic in a number of ways, e.g. in the context of digitalisation of catering (project DIGINUT), in researching approaches to data-driven decision support in hospital gastronomy, by examining the vegetable preparation of the future, by dealing with Future Restauration 2030 or by developing mobile, on-the-spot breakfast catering.

Food for Care

The provision of food and beverages plays a major role in healthcare organisations. Our team addresses the topic in a number of ways, e. g. in the context of the use of technology to make catering services in care homes more flexible.

Hotel Industry Benchmarking in Healthcare

The  "Hotellerie Benchmark" comprises the areas of catering and cleaning; the survey and evaluation takes place on a yearly basis and currently includes almost 50 healthcare institutions of acute hospitals, rehab clinics, psychiatric clinics and asylums.

FM in Healthcare Illustrated

The graphical representation of interdependencies can help to reduce complexity and enhance manageability. The Bachelor thesis “To see interrelations – illustrations of interdependencies in patient-centred resource management in hospitals” approaches this topic in collaboration with the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

Professional Project Management in Healthcare Organisations

We are engaged in the development of project management and project-oriented procedures in healthcare organisations, e. g. in the context of the spm project management association's specialist group PM in Healthcare Organisations.

Reference Model for Non-medical Support Services in Hospitals

In order to illustrate complex interconnections of FM in HC in a clear manner, the Reference Model for Non-medical Support Services in Hospitals [RemoS] was developed in collaboration with four hospitals and three partners in industry. The model shows the connections between the result-oriented services in the Service Catalogue for Non-Medical Support Services in Hospitals [LekaS], the underlying processes [PromoS], the related key performance indicators (parameters) [KenkaS] and the corresponding software applications [ApplikaS]. The Reference Model is the basis for the Guideline to use SAP for Facility Management in Healthcare [LesapS] and the IT-supported Assessment, Simulation and Benchmarking Tool for Facility Management in Healthcare [ASBT-FM].

Our Projects

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