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Department Transversalis

Foto Karin Altermatt
«Sound foundational knowledge, as well as the ability to think independently while recognising how things interconnect, are crucial for one’s study and career.»

Karin Altermatt, Head of the Department Transversalis


Knowledge within and across disciplines is constantly increasing, being refined and either validated or refuted. This knowledge must be continuously updated and revised, and for that to happen, a stable foundation is required.

The task of the Department Transversalis (ATV) is to provide students of all disciplines with this foundation: in mathematics and natural science, technical, linguistic, foreign language and communication courses.

The ATV is responsible for a large part of the foundation studies in the School of Life Sciences and Facility Management.


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At the Department of Life Sciences and Facility Management of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, we offer two apprenticeships each year, one in the field of Biology and one in the field of Chemistry.