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At the Interface of Nature and Society

The programmes offered by the Institute prepare students for professions in the field of natural resources and environmental systems. They are based on specific subject areas and offer a high degree of individualisation in terms of learning paths. The programme is enriched by modern teaching and learning approaches, the use of digital platforms, guided self-study and international exchange opportunities.

IUNR Learning strategy 2020 – 2023

The current learning strategy is strongly influenced by digital transformation. This requires a change in the current competence profiles, new forms of teaching and a modern infrastructure. Nevertheless, our focus remains on the students. We want to ensure that our graduates are able to integrate quickly into the world of work, and therefore put significant emphasis on a close relationship between the study programme and professional practice. At the same time, we allow our students to tailor their studies to suit their individual situations - our flexible study models provide them with the freedom that they need.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) ZHAW in Natural Resource Sciences

The programme combines natural science subjects with engineering, social and economic disciplines, allowing students to choose from five diverse specialisations. A Bachelor in Natural Resource Sciences will provide you with the skills needed to face challenges in fields where social, ecological and economic demands intersect.

Master of Science (MSc) ZHAW in Environment and Natural Resources

The consecutive master’s degree in Environment and Natural Resources combines natural and social science with technology. The programme provides the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary skills that graduates need to influence the ideas, strategies and methods that will contribute to the successful transition to a sustainable society.