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Competence Centre TEDD

Education, R&D and networking platform promoting the application of 3D organotypic technologies for therapies development, with the core goal of replacing animal experimentation according to 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement).

TEDD Annual Meeting 2020: 10th Anniversary - 10 Years of Innovation in Tissue Engineering

The TEDD Competence Centre celebrates its 10th anniversary!

This year we are providing a new exciting format - the online conference on the platform Talque. We are making the best out of the current reality and supporting the global efforts to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The TEDD Annual Meeting 2020 on 22nd October is dedicated to cutting edge academic and industrial research. We focus on microphysiological systems (MPS) and its application in different fields, including research on the COVID-19 and the development of in vitro disease and infection models. The on-line event will not only provide presentations but also allow you to network. Each participant has an opportunity to matchmake and request virtual 1-1 meetings. Additionally, we provide the exhibitors with the possibility to present thier services and take part in virtual exhibition sessions over the “lunch break”.





This year we decided to support our TEDD Partners in their business opportunities. Many organisations faced difficulties due to COVID-19 pandemic. We waive additional TEDD AM2020 exhibition fees.

We cordially invite all organisations to apply for the virtual exhibition booth (first-come, first-served) during the breakouts on the platform Talque. More information will follow soon.

Book your booth now! If you are interested to book your spot email us as

About TEDD

TEDD Competence Centre

TEDD (Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing) is an education, R&D and networking platform promoting the application of 3D organotypic technologies, with the core goal of replacing animal experimentation for therapies development. Based in Switzerland, TEDD is one of its kind in Europe focused on 3D for 3Rs. The community is composed of international members from academia, clinics, industry and non-profits. Training of members is achieved through regular events at the national and international level, including workshops, symposia, company visits, scientific reviews and we provide a platform to generate research consortia, projects and grant applications.

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