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Competence Centre TEDD

Education, R&D and networking platform promoting the application of 3D organotypic technologies for therapies development, with the core goal of replacing animal experimentation according to 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement).

Past Events: 23 November 2023 TEDD Visit to Campus Biotech

Past Events: 24 October 2023 TEDD Visit to regenHU

We visited REGENHU, a pioneering leader in the field of bioprinting and high-end 3D printing technologies



Past Events: 8 September 2023 TEDD Annual Meeting 2023: Clinical applications of advanced cell culture models


During this year’s TEDD Annual Meeting, we will explore the clinical applications of advanced cell culture models and highlight their potential in revolutionizing biomedical research and patient care. We will delve into their use in disease modelling, drug screening, personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, and other emerging areas. By examining the current state of the field and discussing recent advancements, we aim to shed light on the transformative potential of these models in clinical practice and pave the way for future developments in this exciting field.



Access only for TEDD members: contact for password

TEDD Events 2023 - Check the dates update!

TEDD Partnership Fee 2023

Yearly TEDD Partnership fee 2023 is CHF 500.

TEDD Partnership conditions:

  • Two people from TEDD Partner organization can attend TEDD events free of charge. Subsequent people from this organization will receive a 50% discount for that event.
  • TEDD Partnership period is from January to December of the given year.
  • TEDD Partnership extends for the following year unless cancelled.
  • TEDD Partner can cancel partnership latest on 30 November of the current year effective next year by sending us an email on

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About TEDD

TEDD Competence Centre (Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing)

TEDD (Tissue Engineering for Drug Development and Substance Testing) is an education, R&D and networking platform promoting the application of 3D organotypic technologies, with the core goal of replacing animal experimentation for therapies development. Based in Switzerland, TEDD is one of its kind in Europe focused on 3D for 3Rs. The community is composed of international members from academia, clinics, industry and non-profits. Training of members is achieved through regular events at the national and international level, including workshops, symposia, company visits, scientific reviews and we provide a platform to generate research consortia, projects and grant applications.

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