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Competence Centre TEDD

Collaborative innovation platform, dedicated to 3D cell culture technology and organ-like tissue models for drug development, substance testing, personalized and regenerative medicine.

TEDD Annual Meeting 2019 with Sino-Swiss Workshop - Registration deadline 16th October 2019. Only few spots left!


TEDD Annual Meeting 2019

TEDD Annual Meeting 2019: Cell Sources and Stem Cells Generation for Drug Development

TEDD Sino-Swiss Workshop on Tissue Engineering

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About TEDD

TEDD Competence Centre

As an information and matchmaking hub, TEDD transfers knowledge and tech­nologies in order to promote the development and application of 3D cell culture. The TEDD community is currently composed of partners from academia, clinical medicine and industry. The industrial partners represent the majority of TEDD partners, and comprise a spectrum from young spin-off company to world player. Thus, TEDD represents the entire value chain of biotech R&D relevant for 3D tissue engineering, be it ultraflat 3D monolayer culture, bioprinted tissue constructs, or organoids.