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Sustainable packaging design

A research field of the Food Packaging Research Group

Many food and packaging manufacturers are endeavouring to develop sustainable packaging, as some of the current packaging has a significant impact on the environment. The aim is not just to replace existing materials with more sustainable ones, but to find a sustainable packaging solution that takes into account as many dimensions of sustainability as possible.

When developing new packaging solutions or optimising existing ones, the Food Packaging Research Group therefore pursues an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates materials, packaging design, consumer behaviour and other aspects.

Eco-friendly carton-based packaging

The aim of this project is to develop environmentally friendly and cost-efficient cardboard-based packaging solutions for food and beverage applications. This is to be achieved by developing a sustainable cardboard-based can body and a production line with high productivity.

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LOFT – Local food for the future

The project aims to improve the production and operational efficiency of vertical farming by combining innovative production know-how and technologies with enhanced sustainability. The approach will establish the feasibility and profitability of sustainable, year-round production of high-quality crops.

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SPARC - Sustainable Packaging Architecture

This project pursues an interdisciplinary approach (packaging technology and materials, packaging design, environmental psychology and sustainability) in order to develop sustainable packaging concepts for existing or new products. Knowledge and experience from the fields of material development, food technology, packaging design, consumer behaviour and communication are integrated into the project.

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CUL-A-BILITY aims to ensure the circularity of food packaging, minimise food waste and promote sustainability. By building a pan-European network of stakeholders from different disciplines, including material scientists, food scientists, industrial end-users, consumer scientists and policy makers, it aims to overcome technical and non-technical challenges for sustainable packaging solutions in future circular food supply chains.

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