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An open university

A warm welcome to our university of applied sciences in Wädenswil!

Whether you are coming to relax in our gardens, follow up your interest in art or satisfy your hunger for knowledge – we are looking forward to your visit! In addition to its magnificent views, our spacious campus offers you various options: special courses, public events and our unique themed gardens, in which you are free to wander.

Students, laypeople, professionals, sportspeople, recreational users as well as garden and art lovers meet here: this is what makes our university such a vibrant melting pot and a dynamic focal point for the region.

For all those interested

Gardens on Grüental
Partial view Gräserland
Young scientists at the Science Week
Visitors on the speciality market
Hochschulspektakel on the Seeplatz

Specialist events

Exchange among professionals, maintain the network
Interested audience at the Day of Life Sciences
Anticipation in the auditorium at the Facility Management Day