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Career prospects after the master's degree in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems

«Companies are looking for specialists who can solve precisely these problems [of the agro food sector], but who also have an understanding of the "overall picture". In particular an understanding of the entire and global value chain is much sought after.»

Andreas Pichler, CEO of Pichler & Partner AG

Lay the foundation for a career with excellent prospects

Become a preneur, a pioneer, a networker, and an out-of-the-box thinker to make the food industry more sustainable and regenerative.

As a Master's graduate in Preneurship for Regenerative Food Systems, you …

Your opportunities as a food preneur

Master graduates can be found in the following disciplinary, interdisciplinary and management positions, among others:

  • Start-up foundation and company management
  • Business development
  • Networking agent
  • Project management
  • Innovation management
  • Sustainability management
  • Strategy development
  • Consulting
  • Supply chain management
  • Category / product / key account management
  • Product development / marketeer
  • (Food) technology and process development
  • Operations management
  • (Team) management in retail and food service concepts
  • Quality management

Testimonies from business partners

«There is a great need for this study programme due to the current and future challenges in the food industry. The required shift to a higher industry maturity therefore not only requires people whose technical expertise shapes their actions, but who also approach the matter at hand with a different mindset.»

Barbara Zenklusen, CEO of Zenklusen Consulting

«The project work [Agro Food Project] is of great value to this study programme and it is also interesting for companies. The balance between the academic and entrepreneurial know how is highly interesting and brings far-reaching potential and inspiration. Generally, we appreciate an open exchange with essential players in the Agro Food industry. A practice-oriented project, such as this is also very important for the students to gain relevant, practical know how for the implementation of their future projects.»

Sandro Kündig, Managing Director of the Kündig Gruppe

«The training is very much in line with current social thinking and attitudes, and takes up the challenges that are currently present in the value network. In particular, the new view of the food value chain as a value network is very valuable and also reflects the reality.»

Christian Warning, CEO of The Retail Marketeers