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Ecotechnologies and Energy Systems Research Unit

The Ecological Engineering and Energy Systems Research Unit is developing, researching and optimising systems, methods and concepts for energy efficiency, solar energy, nutrient- and water-efficient production, life cycle assessment as well as environmental analysis. A holistic approach is essential to consider all impacts along the whole life cycle of a product or technology, resulting in practical solutions, which are socially, ecologically and economically viable.

Research Groups

Aquaculture Systems
Aspects of rearing fish and crayfish: production in Switzerland, solutions for the reduction of emissions, animal welfare and feeding, and the cultivation of microalgae.

Combining engineering and ecological principles: improvement of systems to avoid, use or treat wastewater; combination of fish and plant farming in a circulatory System.

Life Cycle Assessment
Life cycle assessment is a holistic approach to quantify the full range of environmental impacts caused over the whole life cycle of products and services.

Renewable Energy
Energy efficiency, renewable energy, resource management and circular economy for the implementation of economically and ecologically viable solutions.