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Section Bioanalytics

 "Proteins form the structure and chemistry of life. Their enormous diversity, their specialization and their potential for therapeutic use are overwhelming and make biochemistry and bioanalytics pioneering disciplines."

Prof. Dr. Sabina Gerber, Head of Center

In the team of the Bioanalytics Research Group we accomplish projects in research and development in collaboration with industry and university partners. Furthermore, we pursue research in the field of structure-activity relationship of phage proteins. Thereby we use our expertise in the areas of protein engineering, recombinant protein technology, downstream processing, early development of biologics and bioanalytics and the infrastructure of our well-equipped laboratories.


Protein engineering

For the elucidation of structure-activity relationship in proteins we modify amino acid residues or entire domains in a structure-guided manner. Analyses include truncations, single domain investigations, cross-linking, protein fusions and others.

Recombinant Protein Technology

We recombinantly express therapeutic proteins for target development, for preclinical studies and other bioanalytical investigations in prokaryotic (E. coli) and eukaryotic host expression systems (HEK and CHO). Expression constructs and protocols are optimized to obtain soluble target molecules at high expression rates. We have a long-term track of soluble protein expression such as monoclonal antibodies and novel formats thereof as well as of membrane proteins.

Downstream Processing

We purify proteins for preclinical purposes and for bioanalytical characterizations at laboratory scale using different downstream processing methods, achieving high purity as requested for biopharmaceuticals by regulatory authorities and for protein characterization in general. We perform classical purification processes and we employ DoE for automated screening of optimal purification conditions.

Early Development of Biologics

Early stages of development of biopharmaceuticals involve analysis of a larger number of candidates regarding stability, solubility, specificity and affinity. These parameters will, among others, define qualification of a biopharmaceutical for further development to a safe drug substance. We offer a broad selection of orthogonal bioanalytical methods to assess developability for candidate molecules. We are experienced with developability assessments of monospecific and bispecific antibodies as well as with antibody-drug-conjugates (ADC).

Research & Development