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Gardens in Grüental

Our gardens and plant collections at the ZHAW campus in Wädenswil are open all year round from sunrise to sunset. Why not come and visit us?

In a unique location high above the Lake of Zurich, a variety of gardens and green spaces containing more than 5,000 different plant species have been created over the last 35 years.

The gardens are based on themes that are closely related to the research and educational activities of the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences and are used as an infrastructure for 'explorative learning'. The interdependence of plants, animals and humans is represented by innovative design and communication, and visitors are encouraged to explore ways of acting consciously and sustainably as part of nature.

On our eight-hectare campus you can discover a range of natural habitats and botanical collections of national importance.

Teaching and research gardens and exhibitions

Ecotechnology - From nature to technology

A sustainable future thanks to clever handling of limited resources - six brand-new ideas from research into the recycling industry are waiting for your visit.
to the website Ecotechnology - From nature to technology



Dive into the world under your feet! In the garden "Erdreich" the valuable resource soil is brought into focus.
to the website «Erdreich - Treasure below your feet»

Exhibition #misläbe

Your life, your everyday life and your behaviour are in the centre.
to the webseite #misläbe

TCM Medicinal Plant Garden

With over 130 Chinese medicinal plants, it’s the perfect garden for learning and research.
to the «TCM Medicinal Plant Garden» website

Ornamental Grass garden

Versatile beauty for every season.
to the «Ornamental Grass Garden» website

Green open spaces for all

An equal experience for people with visual, hearing or mobility disabilities.
to the «Green spaces for all» website

vegetable collection garden

An exceptional range of ancient and rare vegetables and crops.
to the «vegetable collection garden» website

Solar Pergola

Energy production, weather protection and greening of the pergola at the same time.
to the «Solarpergola» website



The importance of grasses in cultural history, nutrition, renewable resources and green space design.
to the «Grasslands» website

Zombie attack on Campus Grüental

Save the world! This Science Mission offers a surprising experience in the gardens of the Grüental.
to the webseite «Science Mission»

Plant education programme

Learn about local plants in nature and interactively with an App.
to the «Plant education programme» website

Mixed perennial plants

Attractive and low-maintenance greenery systems all year round.
to the «Mixed Perennial Plants» website

 «Plant search» - Interactive map 

Search for all plants on the campus using an online map.
to the «Plant search» interactive map

Peony Garden

More than 250 varieties of peonies offer a unique blend of horticultural tradition and culture.
to the «Peony Garden» website

Collection of apple varieties

Over 360 Swiss apple genotypes as a reservoir of diversity for breeding.
to the «Collection of apple varieties» website

Vineyard Au

A varied collection of grape varieties and forty vine training systems in a sunny location.
to the «Vineyard Au» website

Visitor information

Nature takes the stage!

Enjoy our gardens and plant collections all year round from sunrise to sunset. The gardens at Grüental are there for you to make your own unique discoveries: they are a source of inspiration for everyone and particularly garden and nature enthusiasts, who enjoy sharing their expertise.

The cafeteria with its wonderful lake-view terrace is open during the university semesters from Monday to Friday. Members of the public are with Covid certificate welcome.