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Gardens in Grüental

Our gardens and plant collections on the campus of the ZHAW in Wädenswil are open all year round from sunrise to sunset. Why not come and visit us?


Please note: our gardens are currently closed.

Spring in the peony garden, ZHAW/IUNR, Erich Stutz
Cornus mas, ZHAW/IUNR, Erich Stutz
Lathyrus vernus, ZHAW/IUNR, Erich Stutz
Leucojum aestivum, ZHAW/IUNR, Erich Stutz
spring starts with the flowering of Tussilago farfara, ZHAW/IUNR, Erich Stutz

In a unique location high above the Lake of Zurich, a variety of gardens and green spaces containing more than 5,000 different plant species have been created over the last 35 years.

The gardens are based on themes that are closely related to the research and educational activities of the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences and are used as an infrastructure for 'explorative learning'. The interdependence of plants, animals and humans is represented by innovative design and communication, and visitors are encouraged to explore ways of acting consciously and sustainably as part of nature.

On our eight-hectare campus you can discover a range of natural habitats and botanical collections of national importance.

A new learning garden with TCM medicinal plants

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is not only practised in China, but throughout the world. However, the plants used are still virtually unknown in the west. In the first learning and research garden for TCM medicinal plants in Switzerland, a basic range of over 100 plant species is displayed, which will continually expanded to 200 species. The garden was created on the Grüental campus of the ZHAW in Wädenswil in cooperation with the Swiss Professional Organization for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM SBO) and various private partners.


The grassland area shows the fundamental importance of grasses for our society and the challenges of sustainable food and commodity production for a growing population. Learn more about this ‘green gold’.

Come and be amazed, talk about your impressions and find out more! (in German)

Visitor information

Nature takes the stage!

Enjoy our gardens and plant collections all year round from sunrise to sunset. The gardens at Grüental are there for you to make your own unique discoveries: they are a source of inspiration for everyone and particularly garden and nature enthusiasts, who enjoy sharing their expertise.

The cafeteria with its wonderful lake-view terrace is open during the university semesters from Monday to Friday. Members of the public are welcome.

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