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Research in Life Sciences and Facility Management

Where theory meets practice.

Developing achievable solutions

The specialist knowledge offered by our institutes provides a sound basis for problem-solving with partners and clients. We adopt a highly practical and partner-oriented approach to implementing research proposals, whether in the form of individual undergraduate dissertations investigating specific topics or interdisciplinary projects lasting many years and dealing with complex issues.

Harnessing synergies

The unparalleled combination of specialisms offered by our institutes means that we can examine issues from a wide variety of perspectives, giving rise to synergies at the many meeting points between different disciplines. To give just one example, energy researchers from our institutes work together with researchers from the other seven ZHAW departments to produce joined-up and viable solutions to the challenges posed by the energy transition.

Joined-up knowledge and experience

Our researchers prioritise not only research and services but also teaching activities, leading to positive cross-fertilisation which benefits all parties involved. The many research conferences which we organise ourselves and which our specialists attend testify to the industry-focused nature of our research; hundreds of experts from all over the world participate in our conferences, seminars and summer schools every year.

Solutions to the problems of the future

Our goal is to facilitate the joint and interdisciplinary approach required to solve many of the social and economic problems we currently face.