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OLIO and Best Design 2017

Best Design 2017

The Award for Best Design 2017 goes to "PHILIPPOS EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ORGANIC" from PHILIPPOS HELLENIC GOODS, Crete. Over 600 visitors of the Gourmesse voted for the best designed bottle 2017.

More than 900 visitors of the Gourmesse Zurich ( elected the winners of the OLIO (public favourites) and the most attractive olive oil packaging.

Extra virgin olive oils which participated at the final round of the Olive Oil Award – Zurich 2017 additionally took part in a consumer test (acceptance test). The intention of this test was - to identify the public favorite of all the participating olive oils.

This hedonic test took place on the occasion of the Gourmesse Zurich and collects at least 60 consumer opinions per olive oil in order to provide reliable statistical data. The most preferred olive oils received the “OLIO”, a public popularity prize.

Additionally all participating “extra virgin” classified olive oils of the Olive Oil Award have been shown at the Gourmesse Zurich and could be tasted by visitors at the Olive Oil Bar.