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Olive Oil Award - Professional testing

Objective and Goal

The Olive Oil Award has the goal to strengthen the confidence of the consumers into the product “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and to contribute transparency on the olive oil market. The event offer at the same time a representative overview of the quality of the current olive oil on the market of Switzerland and European Union.

In advance of the paneltest, in step 1 all oils are screened in a pre-test in order to determine the intensity (light, medium, intense) of all oils.

Following this first screening, in step 2 all oils are subjected to a paneltest (blind tasting) in accordance with the requirements for the objective evaluation of olive oil issued by the International Olive Council (IOC) and the valid EU regulation.

An extended profile sheet, especially developed for the Olive Oil Award, facilitates a detailed profiling of the oils. Based on the classification, according to IOC, additionally a detailed aroma description takes place as well as the evaluation of harmony and persistency of the oils.

Outstanding olive oils, identified by this paneltest, are evaluated in step 3 again during a second paneltest resp. final examination in order to confirm the award categories “Gold”, “Silver” and "Bronze" as well as all "Special Prizes".