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Business Start-Ups

A business idea must be achievable to be achieved.

Research-based companies

The interface between research and industry provides fertile ground for new businesses, and many start-up ideas go all the way to the market. We play an active role in the local start-up organisation Wädenswil (grow).  

From this, the following spin-offs have been created:
UrbanFarmers AG
Culture Collection of Switzerland AG
A&K Strategy GmbH

The Entrepreneurship@ZHAW programme acts as a first point of contact and advice for ZHAW members interested in setting up their own companies.


Wädenswil - grow: helping start-ups

ZHAW works together with other partners in the local organisation Wädenswil (grow), which promotes start-ups in the life sciences or in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, food and nutrition, the environment and natural resources and facility management.

Services include

    • Flexible office space
    • Tiered rental rates for the first three years
    • Coaching
    • Points of contact at the university
    • Office infrastructure and copyshop
    • Shared use of lab infrastructure