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Business Start-Ups

A business idea must be achievable to be achieved.

Research-based companies

The interface between research and industry provides fertile ground for new businesses, and many start-up ideas go all the way to the market. We play an active role in the local start-up organisation Wädenswil (grow).  

From this, a number of spin-offs have been created such as:
UrbanFarmers AG
Culture Collection of Switzerland AG
A&K Strategy GmbH

The I2B Programme at LSFM and the Entrepreneurship@ZHAW programme act as first point of contact and advice for ZHAW employees and students interested in setting up their own companies.


Innovation to Business

innovation to business

Within the framework of the “Innovation to Business” (in German) programme (I2B), promising innovations are selected from ZHAW research and accompanied as they progress to the spin-off stage.

Wädenswil - grow: helping start-ups

ZHAW works together with other partners in the local organisation Wädenswil (grow), which promotes start-ups in the life sciences or in the areas of biotechnology, chemistry, food and nutrition, the environment and natural resources and facility management.

Services include

    • Flexible office space
    • Tiered rental rates for the first three years
    • Coaching
    • Points of contact at the university
    • Office infrastructure and copyshop
    • Shared use of lab infrastructure