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CAS Fundraising Leadership

Fundraising is becoming increasingly important for the third sector (intermediary sector) of society, and the demands placed on fundraising managers are increasing exponentially. In the international fundraising scene, the concept of fundraising has expanded, particularly in the English-speaking world, and now extends to areas such as strategy philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, social investing, and venture philanthropy. At the same time, fundraising managers are increasingly confronted with more complex management and leadership tasks, especially in the new and more complex areas combining fundraising and philanthropy.

As the market leader in fundraising training in Switzerland, the Center for Arts Management would like to use the CAS in Fundraising Leadership to reflect these new developments. At the same time, the MAS in Fundraising Management will be positioned at a high international standard and will also be attractive for interested professionals from the surrounding European countries.

The CAS in Fundraising Leadership can also be booked individually if the prerequisites in training and fundraising practice are fulfilled. Because this CAS has an international perspective, classes are in English to be suitable for potential participants from all regions of Switzerland as well as world-wide.

At a glance

Qualification : Certificate of Advanced Studies in Fundraising Leadership (12 ECTS)

Start : 17.09.2021

Duration : 14 days

Costs : CHF 6'200.00

Comment on costs : 


  • Members of the Swissfundraising Association receive a discount of CHF 250 (please send a copy of your membership card with your registration). A maximum discount of CHF 500 can be claimed when attending our fundraising courses (MAS Fundraising Management or DAS Fundraising Management; or CHF 250 each for the CAS Fundraising Operations / CAS Fundraising Strategies / CAS Fundraising Leadership).
  • The CAS course price will be invoiced 30 days before the start of the course and must be paid within 30 days.

Location : 

Campus ZHAW School of Management and Law, Winterthur

Language of instruction : German, English

Dr. Adrian Sargeant
"The CAS Fundraising Leadership is a must for anyone serious about developing a career in fundraising or development. It features a blend of the latest learning from professional practice and academic insights emerging from research. You will learn from both the science and the practice of philanthropy to become a stronger, more reflective leader, with all the skills necessary to succeed in a modern 21st century nonprofit."

Dr. Adrian Sargeant, Director - Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy at the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

Objectives and content

Target audience

The CAS in Fundraising Leadership is designed for:

  • Professionals in NPOs and NGOs, public institutions, and corporate foundations with extensive fundraising experience who want to further professionalize their fundraising activities.
  • Persons who have completed comprehensive fundraising training, have been working in the field for some time, and would like to acquire an integrated philanthropy approach.
  • Individuals who wish to take on management responsibilities in larger fundraising organizations and/or expand their fundraising skills in the philanthropic field.


Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Know the foundations, principles, and tools of philanthropy management.
  • Know the foundations, principles, and approaches of leadership tasks of fundraising and philanthropy.

Application of Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Are able to act effectively both in civil society and in organizations and institutions to promote philanthropy.
  • Are able to run fundraising organizations and develop them further.

Making Judgments:

  • Are able act strategically and tactically even in challenging situations and in ways that benefit both their organization and society.

Communication Skills:

  • Are able to negotiate and argue professionally in ways that benefit stakeholders.

Self-Learning Skills:

  • Are able to reflect critically on their position and on their leadership role in civil society.
Portrait Dr. Leticia Labaronne
"We combine fundraising with strategic management and leadership knowledge. It’s the best possible solution for future challenges in fundraising."

Dr. Leticia Labaronne; Head of Program, Arts Management, Fundraising, and Sponsoring


Modular Structure

This continuing education program has a modular structure. It consists of the following two modules:

Module 1: Philanthropy Management

  • Introduction to Philanthropy
  • Donor Motivation and Philanthropy Engagement
  • Philanthropy Interventions
  • Social Investment and Venture Philanthropy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Governance and Responsible Giving
  • Advocacy and Campaigning

Module 2: Leadership Management

  • Developing Fundraising Talent
  • Developing a Unifying Proposition
  • Change and Crisis Management
  • Representing Fundraising to the Board
  • Developing a Philanthropic Culture Inside Organizations
  • Managing People (Volunteers and Staff)
  • Leveraging the NPO Brand
  • Integrated Campaigns

The CAS in Fundraising Leadership is one of the elements of the MAS in Fundraising Management program.


Input lecturers, tutorials, discussions, presentations, exercises, case studies, and working with case examples.


Classes for participants are held every two weeks on Friday and Saturday from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (see also “Key Figures” -> “Downloads” and “Brochure”).

"The Fundraising Master at ZHAW offers the first opportunity for our current and future generation of Fundraisers in Switzerland to be equipped for taking over Fundraising in Leadership roles."

Thomas Kurmann, Director of Development, Doctors Without Borders USA

Enquiries and contact



For an overview of current DAS in Fundraising Management instructors, please refer to our “Partners” page.



To be admitted to the CAS program, applicants need to meet the following requirements:

  • Diploma from a state-recognized university of applied sciences or predecessor school such as ZHAW; HWV, or HTL, or evidence of having completed a state-recognized university or technical college (diploma, licentiate, Bachelor’s or Master’s degree), as well as a minimum of three years of professional experience at the time of registration.

Interested persons without a university degree will be assessed on the basis of their education, continuing education, and professional experience. On the basis of this equivalency assessment, admission to the program will be decided. In addition, the program head reserves the right to obtain references and to invite those interested to an interview.

The head of the program decides on the admission.

Information for applicants

Applications are approved in the order in which they are received.

If you are interested in completing the full MAS in Fundraising Management program, we suggest starting with the CAS in Fundraising Operations.

Start Application deadline Registration link
17.09.2021 17.08.2021 Application

Downloads and brochure