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Diversity & Inclusion Management (DIM)

What is Diversity & Inclusion Management?

At the SML, we see the diversity of our employees and students as a valuable resource. Diversity provides different perspectives that promote creativity and innovation. It is, therefore, essential to understand and consider the needs of anyone who works and studies here. In this way, we can prevent discrimination based on personal characteristics such as gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, social and religious affiliation, and national or cultural origin.

The Diversity Management (DIM) role at the SML is to implement political and strategic diversity and inclusion measures.

The SML Diversity Management Officer is Daniela Frau. She is our contact person for questions concerning diversity and inclusion (D&I), such as equal opportunities, reaching one’s full potential, anti-discrimination, and skills development. She advises employees, managers, and students on D&I issues. She also establishes useful contacts and provides information about internal and external consulting services. Finally, she acts as the SML’s representative in the ZHAW Diversity Commission and represents the SML at D&I events.

The DIM Officer is the single point of contact for diversity and inclusion topics at the SML. A committed community supports the DIM Officer in her activities. This helps shape the exchange concerning D&I topics, raises awareness, and promotes diversity competence in our BSc, MSc, and continuing education programs. DIM is also committed to developing applied and practically relevant D&I research at the SML.