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Department of Public Sector

"Scientifically-based and proven specialist competence in health care, public administration, and cultural institutions; this has distinguished us for the last 20 years."

Prof. Andreas Bergmann PhD, Head of Department Public Sector

The Department of Public Sector consists of four organizational units with their own areas of specialization in consulting, research, degree, and continuing education programs. At the Institute of Public Management, these are public finance management, public governance, and public performance management. The Winterthur Institute of Health Economics focuses on health care management, health economics, and health technology assessments. Cultural administration, fund raising, and sponsoring are core competences at the Center for Arts Management, and the Center for Labor, Digital and Regional Economics investigates the economics of the public sector. Our clients include public administrations, non-profit organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, medical-technological and pharmaceutical corporations, professional associations, and cultural institutions. In collaboration with them, we develop new products and services, and in so doing transfer the latest scientific findings to the workplace.

Core Competencies

The Department Public Sector is responsible for the content of the following programs at the ZHAW School of Management and Law:

BSc Program

BSc in Business Administration with a Specialization in Economics and Politics

MSc Program

Master of Science in Business Administration

Assistant to the Head of Academic Studies
Isabel Volkart
Phone: +41 58 934 46 35

Continuing Education

Do you want to deepen your existing skills or acquire new professional qualifications? Are you planning to upgrade your professional profile for the job market? In this case, you are in the right place. We offer a range of continuing education programs covering various disciplines from the public sector:


In close collaboration with our research partners from the public and private sectors, we continually develop both theoretical and application-oriented knowledge, enabling the latest research findings to be transferred directly the workplace. Specific research and consulting areas of focus and information about individual reference projects can be found on the websites of the respective organizational units:

Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss a possible collaborative venture.


As clients of consulting services, you will benefit from our many years of project experience and up-to-date theoretical know-how. Together with you, we devise specific solutions for your needs. Further information about our consulting focus areas and previous clients can be found on the following websites:

Please contact us, without obligation, to discuss a possible collaborative venture.