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MAS Fundraising Management

A qualification at the highest international level: The MAS in Fundraising Management offers a currently unique program combining and consolidating state-of-the-art fundraising know-how with management and leadership knowledge as well as analytical and strategic tools.

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Master of Advanced Studies ZHAW in Fundraising Management (60 ECTS)




1.5 to five years; see Program Details, more details about the implementation

Comment on costs: 

  • CHF 6,600 for each compulsory CAS program, CHF 2,500 for the Master’s thesis
  • For the elective CAS programs, the fees may vary.
  • The program costs include all course materials, supervised performance assessments (including coaching), and the course “Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten” (Scientific Research and Academic Writing).
  • Swissfundraising members are entitled to a CHF 500 discount. This discount may be claimed once (for the MAS in Fundraising Management or the DAS in Fundraising Management) or split among the CAS programs (CAS in Fundraising Operations, CAS in Fundraising Strategies, and CAS in Fundraising Leadership) at a total of CHF 250 per program. Please indicate your membership upon registration in the box ”Comments”.
  • The CAS program fees will be invoiced 30 days prior to the start of each program and will be due within 30 days.


ZHAW School of Management and Law / Campus St.-Georgen-Platz, 8401 Winterthur

Language of instruction:

German, English

MAS Fundraising Management
"We combine fundraising know-how with strategic management and leadership knowledge."

Prof. Leticia Labaronne, Head of Program, MAS in Fundraising Management

Objectives and content

Target audience

  • Individuals who aspire to a management position in fundraising and want to prepare for the professional, organizational, and strategic requirements their career choice will entail.
  • Fundraising specialists who seek a professional qualification.
  • Professionals in fundraising-related areas such as marketing, communications, or consulting who want to gradually move to fundraising.
  • Professionals and managers in the fundraising field of non-profit organizations and public institutions who already have extensive professional experience or who have had basic fundraising training (such as the DAS in Fundraising Management) and seek further qualification.

Are you a graduate of the DAS in Fundraising Management?

For graduates of the DAS in Fundraising Management, the MAS in Fundraising Management is the next step. The DAS will be counted toward the MAS program, which means that graduates can go on directly to the other two CAS programs of this Master's program. These include the CAS Fundraising Leadership and an elective CAS. Participants who complete the four CAS programs successfully will be admitted to the Master's phase. The CAS in Fundraising Leadership can also be completed as a separate program.


As a graduate of the MAS in Fundraising Management program, you will be able to manage and develop fundraising organizations independently and responsibly based on the latest international fundraising knowledge. With a strong understanding of the complexities of civil society, you will be able to design innovative and integrated fundraising strategies that generate high social impact. In doing so, you will meet high professional and ethical standards.


The MAS in Fundraising Management has a modular structure. The program consists of four CAS programs of two modules each and a Master’s thesis.

Mandatory CAS programs:

Participants choose an elective CAS program from a pool of CAS programs, which can be taken at any time. (For an overview of all possible elective CAS programs, see downloads below).

Elective CAS programs:

In addition to the four CAS programs, the following course must be completed, depending on requirements. (The course fee is included in the program cost):

“Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten” (Scientific Research and Academic Writing)

Duration: one day
Date: tbd


The didactic concept of the MAS in Fundraising Management is characterized by methodological diversity. In addition to lectures, presentations, exercises, coaching, self-study, and practical case study assignments, the MAS program places great emphasis on the practical transfer of what is learned. All modules consist of face-to-face classes as well as guided and individual self-study.

Furthermore, participants apply the knowledge they acquire as they work on real-life case studies. In the CAS in Fundraising Operations, a direct mail campaign is developed based on a real case. In the CAS in Fundraising Strategies, participants work on a living case of an NPO (which is selected according to participants’ areas of interest and topic areas), for which an integrated fundraising concept is developed. In the CAS in Fundraising Leadership, participants reflect in writing on their leadership practice or leadership competencies.

More details about the implementation

Classes take place every two weeks, on Friday and Saturday.

Felizitas Dunekamp
"The MAS Fundraising Management provides practical, in-depth training on all relevant fundraising and management topics that are essential for successful fundraising."

Felizitas Dunekamp, Lecturer, CAS in Fundraising Strategies and CAS in Fundraising Operations

Enquiries and contact


Center for Arts Management


Click here for information about the instructors.


Admission requirements

Detailed information on the admission requirements for applicants with and without a university degree can be found in the academic regulations below under Downloads.

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