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For more information, please go to the German website.

BSc/MSc Programs


In fall 2022, the SML launched the elective module Strategic Diversity Management. The elective focuses on the strategic perspective of diversity and inclusion management. It covers the benefits of diversity management for companies, taking into account the employee and the customer perspectives. Practical D&I issues are discussed in cooperation with companies. The elective is a cooperation between the Institute of Organizational Viability and the Institute of Marketing Management.

Bachelor’s Theses

Diversity management can also be a topic of Bachelor's theses. In 2020, students addressed various topics related to diversity and inclusion. These included, for example, the expectations of Generations Y and Z with regard to diversity management, approaches to reconciling career and family, and the influence of diversity management on various sectors of the economy.

Continuing Education Programs

For more information, please go to the German website.

Research & Services



The Diversity Management Office also gives advice on strategic D&I issues. For inquiries, contact Daniela Frau: