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Exchange Programs

The ZHAW School of Management and Law offers several opportunities for study abroad.

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Exchanges in Europe (SEMP)

Since Switzerland is no longer a Erasmus+ member country (as of 2014/15), mobility between Swiss and European universities who are still part of the Erasmus+ program is carried out within the framework of the «Swiss – European Mobility Programme (SEMP)». This interim solution will also remain in place during 2018.

The ZHAW School of Management and Law is continuing to honor the former ERASMUS+ exchange agreements through the SEMP with almost 80 universities in Europe, from Norway to Turkey and from Spain to Estonia. SEMP exchange students remain enrolled at the ZHAW School of Management and Law and pay the standard ZHAW tuition fees. Consequently, they pay no tuition fees at host universities and may apply for an SEMP mobility grant for financial support, provided by the Swiss government, during their stay abroad.

Exchanges outside Europe (Bilateral)

The ZHAW School of Management and Law continues to expand the opportunities for students to study at universities outside Europe and has agreements with more than 80 partner institutions in North America, Latin America, the Asia-Pacific region, the Near East, and Africa. The terms of study abroad are the same as those of the SEMP program. It is possible to apply for an SML mobility scholarship.

Study abroad agreements with tuition fees (fee-paying)

In addition to these bilateral exchange programs, the ZHAW School of Management and Law has agreements with selected universities on a fee-paying basis. These universities are located inside and outside Europe and they have been included in the program because of the quality of the school, the language of instruction, and/or specific courses that match those of the ZHAW School of Management and Law.  ZHAW School of Management and Law students are required to pay semester tuition fees (Studiengebühren) at these host institutes. Students can also apply for the ZHAW School of Management and Law mobility grant.