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  • SML-Essentials "Corporate Responsibility Management" now also available in English

    The publication series "SML essentials Vol. 06: Corporate Responsibility Management" is now also available in English.

  • The CCR Conducts Research on the Environmental Goals of Swiss Companies

    On behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), an interdisciplinary research team involving the Center for Corporate Responsibility took stock of the environmental goals of Swiss companies.

  • SML Research on Sustainability Reporting

    An interdisciplinary research team led by the Center for Corporate Responsibility has developed tools that can help to successfully handle current challenges in sustainability reporting.

  • SML Publishes Second PRME Progress Report

    Every two years, the PRME progress report provides evidence of the activities and the commitment at the SML in the area of responsible management education.

  • Information on the 5th PRME Meeting, ZHAW School of Management and Law (SML), 06-08 November 2017

    This page contains all relevant information regarding the 5th PRME Chapter DACH Meeting and 5th PRME Champions Group Meeting.

  • The CCR Presents Research Findings on CR Reporting

    The Center for Corporate Responsibility has successfully completed a two-year CTI project on CR reporting. The project was presented at an event entitled "Sustainability Reporting - What Is Relevant?" on 6 September 2017.