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Institute of Public Management

“Increasing complexity, tighter budgets, and greater demands for transparency present administrations and non-profit organizations with huge challenges. To master these and achieve the desired effect, professional management is a necessity.„  

Prof. Dr. Caroline Brüesch, Head of Institute of Public Management

The Institute of Public Management offers consulting services, conducts research, runs courses, and publishes papers on subjects concerning public management. Public and non-profit organizations (NPOs) are faced with high demands in terms of quality, efficiency, and transparency while their resources steadily dwindle. These developments require managers and employees to adopt new ways of thinking and move away from a bureaucratic approach towards an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-friendly, and transparent public and administrative style of management.

egovREPORT 2019

The digital transformation is transforming public administrations strategically, organizationally and culturally. Switzerland faces special challenges due to its federal system. The digital change is supported by the employees of the public administrations through their high level of commitment and their willingness to change and develop.

Ready for the challenges of digital transformation?

Prof. Dr. Caroline Brüesch about the CAS Digitale Verwaltung and future music that is already playing today.

Click here (PDF 1,4 MB) (PDF 1,4 MB) to see the report!

Degree Programs and Continuing Education Programs

Public Sector programs encompass the BSc and the MSc levels. Students acquire specific professional and methodological competencies at an advanced level. Together with various trade associations, we are committed to the promotion of continuing education in the public sector. Our range of continuing education programs enables participants to update their qualifications and to acquire new qualifications.

Continuing Education

In co-operation with various professional associations, we are committed to continuing education in the public sector. As a platform, the Institute of Public Management promotes the generation and transfer of knowledge between university and operational practice.

Research and Business Services

In our research, we focus on the core areas of public sector financial management, public networks and service delivery, and public performance management and digital transformation. Among other areas of activity, we are involved in the transparency of financial statements, the efficient allocation of resources, financial control processes, and the governance of public-legal or non-profit organizations. The Institute of Public Management provides support for interdisciplinary specialist and methodological competences, which are combined specifically for individual projects. If required, we can develop and implement tailor-made tools for our clients. To achieve this, we are able to draw on a network of national and international specialists. More details about our consulting activities and partners can be found in our projects and publications list.

Swiss Society of Administrative Sciences

The Institute of Public Management (IPM) also runs the office of the Swiss Society of Administrative Sciences (SSAS).