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Development Projects

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning specializes in the development of innovative teaching applications. Our IT development section assists by designing innovative learning contexts.

Current Development Projects


Competency grid to serve as the basis for continuous development of degree programs.

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We are currently developing myCompetence, an internet-based ICT tool to measure soft skills and interdisciplinary competencies and to monitor progress.

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Thesis Writer

A Web-based Learning Environment to Support Dissertation Projects (BA, MA and Doctoral Theses)

In an interdepartmental collaboration between the ZHAW School of Applied Linguistics and the ZHAW School of Management and Law an internet-based learning platform is currently being developed which will introduce students to academic writing practices and enable them to acquire various aspects of academic competence in the context of writing academic texts.

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Mobile Response – A Simple Way of Conducting of Surveys, Irrespective of Location

The Mobile Response App makes it possible to vote about proposals easily and without reference to location, or to gauge the opinion of a large group in a very short time and portray this directly in graphic form. Response systems can be used at congresses or symposiums, in the classroom, or at other events where large groups want to vote, express a range of opinions, or make decisions.

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Social Media for Education

Based on research findings from the SoMeCat project, we have been developing an online tool in this sub-project to support instructors in choosing and using social media teaching tools.

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Exam Practice Platform

Exam preparation and self-assessment for students with the “Exam Practice Platform” – flexible and available anywhere thanks to its optimization for mobile devices.   

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Vocapp 2.0

Do you want to learn some basic Anglo-American legal vocabulary? Structured and fun to learn with Vocapp 2.0 for mobile devices. 

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Smartpoll 2.0

The Smartpoll mobile app enables students on the move to take exam preparation tests without the need for a mobile data connection. 

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Professional internet research and knowledge management for universities – a self-study course for students available since 2010.

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